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Looking for Mary Rose Fuller

I am looking for Mary Rose Fuller my birth mother. I was born at Colchester hospital, Nov 11, 1965

Posted on: 21/10/2005

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Name: sharon williams

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Town: fort assiniboine

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Name: Mary Rose Fuller

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Reply posted on: 12/11/2006

From priscilla fuller

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Town: peacehaven


my name is priscilla fuller and i have a sister called zoe.
my dads name was colin fuller and he married my mum helen.
do you think we could be related at all?
thanks for any reply,

Reply posted on: 13/11/2006

From sharon williams

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Town: fort assiniboine

to priscilla,
i am sorry but my fathers name is Eric Smith, my mother is mary smith nee fuller. I am not sure what other family mary has, but feel free to contact me if you would like to have some help finding out if we are somehow related. my email is