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i am looking for anyone who may know or is family to pamela ann adams/orsborn i am her daughter was born in teddington have been looking now for a long time does anyone knowher or can help me her family came from east sheen london ....

Posted on: 27/10/2005

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Name: jacqueline leader

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Name: pamela adams

Born: 1941

Reply posted on: 04/03/2009

From stephanie atkin

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Hi Jacqueline

I may have a connection for you, but am not sure. I am researching my grandmothers family. She was born Eileen Adams in 1915, and had a brother John Adams and they lived in Teddington. My mother used to talk about cousin Pamela and Ron. My grandmother had somekind of falling out with her brother John Adams, and they remained estranged until her death in 2002 (her married name was Stichbury). Do you think there is a connection from what you know? I can ask my ,other for more details.

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From jacqueline leader

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i thank you so much for your email and i really hope that we may have some kind connection all i know is my mohers name was pamela ann adams and she married a ronald orsborn she was born i think in 1938 and her father was john adams and he was a navy man chief engineer my mother married ron in 1954 and her family address was put as 4,connaught ave east sheen s.w.14 around this time my real father has now passed away and left me and my older sisters with no idea on my mother and i was the only one who was brought up with a diff family LEADER jim and flo who have also passed away i was told that pamela may off gone to u.s.a with another because we all got left with father who left us and no one would tell us much about our mum and i have been seaching all my days i want to know my family on my mums side i have no family only that of my own my sisters had each other and live in and always did with mother of ron in australia he was a twin and brothers name was ray .....on my mother side i know so little only her name fathers name she was 16 in 1954 on her marriage if you go on my FACEBOOK OR TALK AGAIN I HAVE PHOTOS OF MY REAL MOTHER AND SOME OTHER PEOPLE WHO IM NOT SURE WHO ? HOPE THIS MAY BE SOME HELP i was brought up in teddington and lived at 9 railway road far as i was told pamela and ron lived at 11 when i was born and was told she did come to see me once when i was about 1yr but from than thats it one talked much about the past than and things was so diffrent

i am now 51 yrs so you can see time is running away and i would love to know a little about her or any off my family just to know ....thank you xxx