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Desperately seeking DAVID LEWIS

Martine, Tracy and Samantha are looking for DAVID LEWIS. His last known residence is 32 Cavandish Gardens, Clapham, London, where he lived in the late 1960s. Any information on Davids current whereabouts would be greatly appreciated.

Posted on: 03/11/2005

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Name: samantha barnes

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Name: david lewis

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Reply posted on: 12/07/2009

From kevin humphreys-lewis

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Town: warrington

hi im kevin i am your uncle. mum & dad moved from guernsey to australia for a holiday and stayed there i also have a sister yolan who also moved to australia & a younger brother peter who also moved to australia i stayed in guernsey then moved to london for 20 years. then retired early i am now in warrington for a while i know that martine is the eldest tracy next then you are the youngest 25/7/67 hope you get this kevin xxxx

Reply posted on: 03/11/2005

From sam klever

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Town: las vegas