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Finding My Birth Father

I am now 18 and studying for a degree at university. My parents split up before i was born. My mums name is Sally Chalker. My fathers Steven Grace. The last known place that he lived in is Kingsworthy. My dad was a GREEN JACKET in the army. Around 1985-86 he brought himself. He then became an army cadets instructor at Montgommery of Allamain. He done this in a cadet hut at the bottom of a boarding school field. Around 1986-88 he bagan to work at Sainsburys (warehouse and collecting trollies) When my dad was last seen by a member of my family he was 58-510, had short dark hair and he was nicknamed monkey because ofhis ears....which he gave to me!!! I also have one picture of him...he was taking part in a charity event with my mum. It was a pub crawl, collecting money and my dad was dressed as a woman!! My family have never said a bad word about my dad. I really really want to trace him, just to know who he is. I will be grateful for ANY information...nothing is too small. Thank you x carrie x

Posted on: 07/11/2005

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Name: Steven Grace

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