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search for my father

I am looking for Leonard Raymond Redden, whos family were fruit & vegetable traders in Lewisham market during late 1960s-1970. He had a relationship with my mother in 1969, her address at the time was; 126 Chinbrook Road, Grove Park. Tracie Harvey (29/12/1969)

Posted on: 10/11/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Tracie Harvey

Born: 0

Town: London

Looking For:

Name: Leonard Redden

Born: 1947

Reply posted on: 12/03/2006

From leonard redden

Born: 0

Town: yarmouth i.o.w

hello tracie led to believe i was not your father all these years so this is a shock for me so lets take this a step at a time tell me more about yourself and family sorry lost contact with your sister about 20 years ago last heard of living in bellingham s e 6

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