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wesley clarke

im looking for my half brother wesley he was born 10/12/2001 at the time our father was ill and soon after wesleys brith he past away.I stayed in contact with wesleys mum but we didnt alway get on until one day i went to visit wesley and they had gone, the house was empty.AllI really know is his mothers name was Dawn Clarke she also had a daugher called Emma she was about 10 years old at the time. they lived at meersbrook in unsure whos surname Wesley took as my father was not married to Dawn it could be Clarke/Walker/Clarke-Walker or Walker-Clarke. if anyone has any information please please contact me via e-mail.thank you.

Posted on: 21/11/2005

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Name: leanne walker

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Town: sheffield

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Name: wesley clarke

Born: 2001

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