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looking for: My Family - The Burgesss of Anfield liverpool

I am trying to trace my sister Patricia, who started life as a Burgess, but she was successfully adopted, when she was(i Think) about 8/9 years old? I remember the family took me to their home one weekend,they had twin boys, I hit one over the head with a toy train and was taken back to the childrens home.

We both lived with our parents until I was about four, I was born on the 27.12.1949, my sister I think was three years younger than me,she would of been born in either 1952 or 1953.When I was four, we both went to live with our gran, in Secombe Street, Anfield, Liverpool.
we had three Aunties:
. May - married to Ray Ford, two sons, lived in Speke
. Ada, married to George Miller, Lived with us in grans at Secombe Street, two children
. Mari, married to Tommy Patterson, Lived in Secombe Street, two daughters, one named Julie, born approx 1956
. Lesley Burgess- lived up top of Scotland Road- approx dates 1953-1959
Arthur - not much known
James - our father, married to patricia, our mother.

We lived with our gran, she died in approx 1961, I was about 11 or 12, Patricia would of been 8 or 9.
we went to live in a childrens home in Sefton park,Liverpool.
My sister Patricia came to visit me, when I was in a remand centre, when she was about 16/17years and told me she was going to join the RAF - I do not know if she did, this was the last time I saw her.
If anybody recognise anyone in this story - then I would appreciate any information relating to my sister in the hope that I can get to speak or meet with her, if she would like.

Please contact, no matter how small you may think the information is.

Many Thanks

Posted on: 22/11/2005

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Name: James Burgess

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Name: Patricia Burgess

Born: 1952

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