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ARCHER, Clive, my birth dad

I am searching for my birth dad, Ive never met him, he is not named on my full birth cert, but I know his name is CLIVE ARCHER. I cannot ask any family member about him as it upsets my mother too much. Last know place for him was when I was born, Michelle Dawn Archer, 14.12.1975, Rhyl, North Wales, UK. He left after I was born. My parents were not married. His name at the time was Clive Archer. I have no idea of his d.o.b.

His family is/was from Bristol, UK, so he may have moved back to the Bristol area.

Posted on: 29/11/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Michelle Archer

Born: 0

Town: Paris

Looking For:

Name: Clive Archer

Born: 0

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