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Looking for BARRY WOODS, last I knew he lived in Norman Rise, Livingston. I went to school with him and have since lost contact when he moved away. He would be about 26 now and was a great friend. I would love to be in contact with him again. PLease help

Posted on: 13/03/2003 12:32:55

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Name: stephen allen

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Name: Barry Woods

Town: livingston

Reply posted on: 17/03/2006

From Barry Woods

Born: 0

Town: edinburgh

Hey Stephen

Just picked up your very old posting at people finder through a friend googling me (fnarr).

Great to feel that someone actually remembers that livingston wasnt all bad....hope you and kirsty are well and happy....

Well if you get this, lets catch up... you can contact me at

the joys of being freelance....

Im working in New York next week, would be great to see you when i come back.