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Hi - looking for my half-sister Margaret Horn, last seen over 30 years ago. Two other half-sisters, Mary and Helen - also not seem them for 30 years. Our Father died on 25 August 1975 in Glasgow. My mother Helen died in October 1999

Posted on: 17/03/2003 11:04:50

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Name: Carol Ann Tomlinson

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Name: Margaret Horn

Town: Eastbourne

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From margaret horn

Hi,I am an adopted female, born 4/24/63 at Misericordia Hospital in New York City, The Bronx, State of New York, USA. My birth name was Margaret Horn but I have no idea who my parents were. All I know is that my Birthmother was English, Irish, German, French and my birthfather British, but all of this may be false non-identifying info given to me, so nothing is certain. The New York Catholic Foundling handled my adoption.I imagine that writing you is a long shot but thought it might be worthwhile. At the very least my public searches for Margaret Horns ancestors may help you sooner or later you will bump into my postings when doing internet searches. Please write if you would like. From what Ive learned the Horn line was pretty tight way back so we might share some genetic material even if it is from the 1400s Take care and I hope you find who you are looking for. Margaret