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ww2 I am searching for Reggie cambridge,aged 80 ish,In WW2 Reggie went out on `battle patrol `with my dad,dad got wounded and taken POW you got away,you were great mates(and also Eric Munze, Charlie Woodhouse,Reg lived in Tooting and was in The East Surrey Regiment,1st battalion(8th army) 78th div. with my dad,they fought in Italy/Nth.Africa and Sicily,PLEASE does anyone know REGGIE CAMBRIDGE (wifes former name was,Babsy Dean),as I`m in Australia and not having luck here,finding him over there? Thankyou,Debby.

Posted on: 23/03/2003 11:40:37

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Name: debby scaife

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Name: Reginald Cambridge

Town: Tooting

Reply posted on: 12/03/2010

From T cambridge

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Town: gloucestershire

Hi Debbie
Im not sure if Reg is one of our line of cambridges, but there arent many of us....did he originally come from gloucestershire area do you know?

Reply posted on: 12/01/2011

From Carl Hewlett

Town: Stroud

Hi Debby,

I fear that this may be a response a little late some eight years after your first post. You may not even get this message.

Reg Cambridge who fits your description perfectly is my great uncle. My grandfather, Dennis Cambridges brother. They did live in Tooting and Babs was his wife. They also had another brother Eric. Regs son lives in Nova Scotia but Reg now lives in Scotland.

Hope this response gets to you wherever in the world you may be.


Carl Hewlett