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My name is Janice, and I would so like to find my birth mother. When she had me on 20.5.1966 at the age of 17 her name was Elizabeth Isbell. I have ascertained that she married a David John Masters in October, 1970 in Kingsbury, London, and they had a son named Christopher Stephen in November 1972 who is of course my half brother. So far I have not been able to trace Elizabeth or Christopher, and would be so happy to hear of them.

Poster Information:

Name: Janice Connor

Looking For:

Name: Elizabeth Masters

Born: 1966

Town: Kingsbury

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Janice, please call Derek at UKPF or email.

Reply posted on: 01/11/2004

From selina thompson

Born: 1981

i have an address for an elizabeth masters and a david j masters in london if that would help?
email me

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