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Tibbles Kids!

Are you a child of David Tibbles? I know there is at least 3, Paul Michael, Michael Paul and Kim.

If you know any of these people please contact me Vicki Farthing. Im your Niece the daughter of Davids first child who was adopted. Ive met Dave, but I would love to meet you all too.

Posted on: 24/12/2005

Poster Information:

Name: Vicki Farthing

Born: 0

Town: swindon

Looking For:

Name: Kim, Paul and Michael Tibbles

Born: 0

Reply posted on: 12/02/2006

From ulrika rylander

Born: 0

Town: sollentuna

Hi! Are you the Vicky I met in England 1973 when I stayed with Rose-Mary Wright and her baby daghter Marianne? We were penpals for some years and you sent me a piece of the wedding cake when you got married...! Please mail me on this adress! Best regards/Ulrika