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Looking for Patricia Ann Philips from Nottingham England who was unmarried in 1966, and gave up a son to a couple from the United States, who were stationed in England while in the United States Air Force. Birthdate was 12 January 1966. Original birth name was Paul Darren Philips

Posted on: 26/03/2003 13:57:56

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Name: Dale Johnson

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Name: Patricia Ann Philips

Town: Nottingham

Reply posted on: 02/08/2009

From anthony evans

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Town: rugby

Hi, I am also looking for a Miss Patricia Phillips who was unmarried in 1967. She gave up a son (me) for adoption in June 1967. My original birth name was Anthony John Phillips.
We probably have nothing to do with each other but I was reading your message and had to post a reply.
Kind regards
I do hope you find her

Reply posted on: 26/02/2014 09:54:31

From dawneza jandayan

Town: davao city

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