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I am searching for Joanne Keeble my mother gave her up for adoption i think Joanne would beabout 39 now she never forgot you Joanne and had genuine reasons for putting you up for adoption. I think she gave birth possibly lancaster manchester up North please get in contact.

Posted on: 27/03/2003 20:14:40

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Name: Julie Burnside

Looking For:

Name: Joanne Keeble

Town: Lancastershire

Reply posted on: 18/02/2015 04:08:11

From Veronica Blanca

Town: Tampa

sorry but you have some moore information about this people my case is same thankyou

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Thank you for your message but i dont think that her name would still be Joanne Keeble that was the name my mum gave her.I think it most unlikley that her adopted parents would keep the same name i willlook into it . If you have any other imformation we would be mot grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Julie Burnside xxx