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Searching for Benjamin Stanley Miles and Colleen Shannon Miles

I am looking for relatives Ive never met, but I heard a great deal about them while I was growing up. These would be my fathers two eldest grandchildren.

Benjamin Stanley Miles was born on 03.10.1949, in Rustenburg, Transvaal (Union of South Africa - as it was known then). He has a younger sister (date of birth unknown) and they lived with their parents Robert Bobby David Miles and Elaine Miles (maiden name Deys or Dees, not sure of the spelling)on 1st. Street in Chingola, Northern Rhodesia (Zambia as it is known today). Robert died tragicly around November 1951 and after that Elaine might have re-married a mr. Ball and it is believed that they then moved to the United Kingdom. It is not known if Benjamin (Benny) and Colleen kept the name Miles or if that was changed, but ANY information regarding ANY of these people will be most appreciated.

Posted on: 02/01/2006

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Name: Pixie Miles Mortensen

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Name: Benjamin Stanley Miles

Born: 1949

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From Marcus Miles

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Ben was my father in law, and collen my auntie and Elaine my Grandmother, he married my mother in the late 70s and we lived in Cambridge I have lost contact with all of the family now. Ben died in 1994 in the same circumstances as his father at the age of 35. I can tell you alot more but I need to know you are genuine. You are correct in Mr Ball

Reply posted on: 06/02/2006

From Pixie Miles Mortensen

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To Marcus Miles,

I saw your message, a bit late, but I hope we can get in touch all the same. I am not sure how to do this, maybe you can help me with it?