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i am looking for my sister, who may not know who i am. she was born in penrith, cumbria, uk and was adopted in morecambe, lancashire, uk.

Posted on: 28/03/2003 21:06:51

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Name: shiela denney

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Name: Shiela Lowthian

Town: Morecambe

Reply posted on: 09/08/2006

From Debbie Cottrell

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Town: Quambatook

I am also looking for a family by the name of Lowthian - they lived for many years in Grimbsy, Lincs, England.
Maybe they are related to you Sheila.
My grandfather, Louis and his brother Harry, owned Lowthian Photography in the fishing port Grimsby.
Do you know anything about them?
Cheers, Debbie xx

Reply posted on: 08/07/2007

From Paul Watkinson

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Town: Stockbridge

I have a photo of my great grandfather and his four brothers taken at the Lowthian Bros studios at Grimsby about 1880; all wearing top hats and white gloves against a painted background. Can send if you wish

Paul Watkinson
Hampshire, UK

Reply posted on: 09/08/2007

From Debbie Cottrell

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Town: Quambatook

Dear Paul (Watkinson),
I am sorry I have not been onto this site for ages and have just read your reply about the photograph you have (around 1880). I most certainly would love to see if it matches up with any of photos my mum may have in regards to these men being the relatives of my grandfather/and family. Please could you reply to me at: OR snail mail Im at: 64 McKissack Road, Quambatook. Victoria. 3540. AUSTRALIA. Love from Debbie xxxxx