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What became of Greta Edmondson?

Trying to find some info on my stepfathers mother, her name was/is Greta Edmondson born about March 1909, we think in the Barow-in-furness area of Cumbria/Lancashire, she married a Harold Whittall and they had two children, a boy & a girl, the boy is my stepfather also called Harold, well Greta & Harold divorced when my stepfather was 4 years old, he & his sister was brought up by their father Harold and an aunt, and they never saw or heard from their mother Greta again, my stepfather is in his 70s now and obviously realises that his mother may no longer be around, but he really would like to try to fill in some of the empty gaps, he wants to know what become of her over the years, she may even have married again, he thinks that she may have moved to the London area, possibly had more children, if anybody can help to fill in some of the missing years of Greta Edomdson for her son, it would be wonderful.

many thanks.

Posted on: 05/01/2006

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Name: Greta Edmondson

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