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i am looking for my birth father alan christopher jenkins, he was born between 13th and 15th of march in either 1959 or 1960 his father is ronald jenkins and although i do not know his mothers real name she was known to all as daisy and died before i was born. my father married my mother lindsey jane sheldon at st margarets church, bilsthorpe, nottinghamshire on 26/12/1980 although they divorced a few years later and i have not seen him since. i was born in june 1982 at west middlesex hospital. my father was last heard of in camberley, london 10 years ago

Posted on: 07/04/2003 15:50:35

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Name: shan louise nickless

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Name: Alan Christopher Jenkins

Town: Camberley

Reply posted on: 10/01/2006


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