Message Posted By: Elaine Roundtree

looking for long lost friend

I am looking for an old school friend she lived in Thatcham berks went to school at Shaw house her name was Ellen Derwin and I think she married an american if anyone knows of her whereabouts please contact me

Posted on: 20/01/2006

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Name: Elaine Roundtree

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Town: Bonham

Looking For:

Name: Ellen Derwin

Born: 1956

Reply posted on: 19/09/2006

From Caroline Boyd

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Town: Orlando

Hello, I grew up on the same street as Ellen. We had kept in touch for many years but have since lost touch. Last I know of her wearabouts is the UK. She has moved back to Thatcham. Met another guy as I recall and married. She had lived in Inkpen for a while but lost her after that as I moved. I am now back in the States.. I can give you her mums address is you e-mail me.