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Looking for Zoebitha Ali (repost)

My name is Harold Session and I was stationed at RAF Welford/Greenham Common while in the US Air Force from Aug 1977 to Feb 1979. I met Zoebitha while in London at a hospital in Sheppards Bush. She was a student nurse and lived in that hospitals dormitory. She would be 53 yrs old today and may have had a child that would be around 26 yrs of age today. If anyone has any information on her where-about or what happened with her please contact me at I would love to hear from her or about her as soon as possible. I do have a picture of her and wish that I could post it.

Posted on: 27/01/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Harold Session

Born: 0

Town: Sacramento, CA

Looking For:

Name: Zoebitha Ali

Born: 1950

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