Message Posted By: Derek Stanley Glover

Anita Glover

I am desperate to track down my family.We were split up as children and I was put into care.I am seeking Anita Glover (who later married Norman Gilbert)and who is roughly 52-54 years old. Also my other sister,Marie Glover who I believe now lives in Nottingham.If anyone thinks they know these people please contact me on 07909 712269.I havent seen them for over 30 years and am desperate to hear from them. Anita, Marie,if you are reading this please contact me. I have tried for years to trace you but with no luck.I miss you both very much. Derek. x

Posted on: 30/01/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Derek Stanley Glover

Born: 0

Town: Porthcawl

Looking For:

Name: Anita Glover (and Glover family)

Born: 1954

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