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Looking for my brother...

I am looking for my half brother who I havent seen since I was a small child. I called him Bobby his last name was Hargraves(Hargreaves-not sure how it was spelled) His mothers name was Hazel Jones. He has 2 half sisters; myself, Sandra, and Georgina Mensah. He was born somewhere around 1940.

Posted on: 30/01/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Sandra Mensah

Born: 0

Town: Scarborough

Looking For:

Name: Robert Hargraves

Born: 1940

Reply posted on: 12/03/2016 10:10:19

From dm walsh

Town: London

Hi Sandra, checking the internet Bobby was alive in 2014 and hopefully still is. Now the mystery is where you are! Im doing Hazels tree. David