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my father

my name is Penelope-Ann Drinan known to my family as mother and father divorced in 1990 when I was 4yrs old and I have not since seen my father, Michael Drinan...until the divorce we lived in Portsmouth then me and my mother moved to Brighton I am currently living in London which is where hearsay tells me my father by strange coincidence might be living too...If anyone has any information on Michael or his sister Jean (my aunt) even the smallest bit...I would greatly appreciate if they would contact me. my father worked for the TA but i have found out he retired. Thankyou very much.

Posted on: 02/02/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Penelope (Penny) Drinan

Born: 0

Town: London

Looking For:

Name: Michael Drinan

Born: 1946

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