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missing brother

my name is paul and i was adopted at the age of 6 weeks old in manchester. I have recently learnt that somewhere out there I have a brother. His name is Christopher aveyard.d.o.b. 06/05/68 our mother was called Pamela aveyard. If anyone knows the whereabous of Christopher I would love to make contact.

Posted on: 07/02/2006

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Name: paul aveyard

Born: 0

Town: manchester

Looking For:

Name: christopher aveyard

Born: 1965

Reply posted on: 05/06/2013 12:32:48

From carole richards

Town: Andover

Hi Joanne.
i have just noticed that you are the sister of Christopher. Well I am the half sister of Paul and Christopher.We had the same mother Pamela and there is lots more to this story if you are wanting or your brother wants to know.please email me if interested. carole

Reply posted on: 03/02/2011

From Joanne Dwyer elcock

Town: Manchester

Hi Paul
Im Joanne Elcock, was Dwyer. Only daughter of Patrick Dwyer.
I have a feeling Im your half sister.
Im not sure if you and Chris have made contact yet as Ive noticed this was posted sometime ago.
Always knew about you but had no idea where you would have been taken.
Hope youve had a happy life Paul. X