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Sarah Boulton

Hi Im your cousin and was named after you. You are always in our thoughts, your mother was called Margaret Boulton and your birth certificate gives 35 Wesley Avenue, Swallownest, Sheffield for your mothers address. Please get in touch.You were born in May, and thats all I know about you except you were born with lovely red hair. Margaret (birth mother) doesnt know im searching for you yet, but has spoke of wanting to find you but is too scared, we all know about you, you are not a secret,i would love to hear from you. Confidentiality assured, the rest is up to you, but if I can help I will. X

Posted on: 07/02/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Sarah Harris

Born: 0

Town: Sheffield

Looking For:

Name: Sarah Boulton

Born: 1971

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