Message Posted By: Paul Cole

My name is Paul, and I was born on 7.7.1954 and adopted. I would love to find my birth mother. Her name was Valerie Edna Hill at the time, and she lived at St. Thomas Lodge, Charminster Road, Bournemouth.

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Name: Paul Cole

Looking For:

Name: Valerie Hill

Born: 1954

Town: Bournemouth

Reply posted on: 12/08/2017 23:03:02

From Clair Cook

Town: York

Are you still looking for this lady ? If so I think I have the information you need. Please contact me.

Reply posted on: 19/12/2008

From Norman Martin

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Town: wirral

You may already be aware that St Thomass Lodge was a large private house used as a nursing home for unmarried women up to and during their confinement. They were usually regular attenders at the nearby parish church of St Augustin .

Reply posted on: 30/07/2009

From Fern Wheeler

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Town: Southampton

I am searching for my dads mother her name at the time of my dads birth was Rose May Heaps and was staying at St Thomas Lodge when he was born in 1957 his name at the time was Garry Neville Heaps now Malcolm Wheeler it would be really interesting if you had found anything else with your search... if you would like to contact me

Reply posted on: 22/04/2007

From jody twidale

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Town: Bournemouth

Hi Paul,
I Know I am not the person that you are trying to locate, but Id thought Id ask, Do you recognise the Surname Sanderson form the Charminster part of Bournemouth? I am Trying to locate an Ian Sanderson who was born in or around the same year as yourself and in the same location,

If you know of this name, your help would be appreciated

Many thanks

Jody Twidale

Reply posted on: 20/07/2007

From Paul Cole

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Town: Bristol

Hi, Im afraid I dont recongise the surname Sanderson.