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Desperately seeking lost family member

I am desperately seeking anyone who may know of the whereabouts of the following two people.

1. Sylvia Levene (maiden name unknown) who was married to the late Abe (Alf) Levene sometime in the 1920s whom after their divorce (date unknown) emigrated to South Africa (in 1937. It is entirely possible that Sylvia may have remarried after that date.

2. Their daughter Jeanette Levene(current surname unknown)who is my half sister. This could be a bit of a shock to her if it is not known that she has two half sisters.

It is possible that Sylvia may have passed on, but if anyone knows where I could contact Jeanette, it would be greatly appreciated as I would dearly love to meet her.

My late father Abe (Alf) met and married my late mother Sally Levene (nee Flax) in 1945 in Durban, Natal - South Africa.

I am currently residing in the area of Tamworth, Staffordshire with my sister and I can be contacted at

My name is Josephine and my sister is Leonie.

Posted on: 09/02/2006

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Name: Josephine Estelle Levene

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Town: Tamworth

Looking For:

Name: Sylvia/Jeanette Levene

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