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Margaret Mackenzie birth mother of Kara

Please Margaret, if you see or hear of this, get in contact with me. You kept me for the first 3 years of my life and I do understand it was not possible to continue to do so. I am now mother to grown up twins and we are so longing to find you. You worked at Shaftesbury Hotel, Monmouth Street, London in the 50s. Please if anyone recognises this description and knows Margaret then do contact me. I have been searching for 10 years now and still no joy. I do so hope that a miracle occurs and that we finally find each other. Do you remember the Martin family Margaret? Well, I have managed to make contact with their daughter Sylivia but she remembers no clear details of you as you stopped visiting me when I was about a year old, and eventually I was adopted by a farming family in rural Essex. You left the Shaftesbury Hotel (now Radisson Mountbatten) about 1956 and seem to have disappeared into the ether. I do hope you are happy and look forward to finally meeting you one day. Kara (now Judi)

Posted on: 14/02/2006

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Name: Judi Grossman

Born: 0

Town: Sutton Coldfield

Looking For:

Name: margaret Mackenzie

Born: 1927

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