Message Posted By: Georgina Gilmore AKA Scott

My name is Georgina Gilmore my maiden name is SCOTT. I Have an older adopted sister her name I am told was DEBORAH SCOTT or BALDWIN? I am not sure if you still kept the name or if your parents did because you were adopted from birth. you were born in Hastings and you will be about 33-36 years old. I have been trying to find you since I knew about you, which is about 10years ago.Please if you think you are her then please please contact me.

Posted on: 22/04/2003 00:09:34

Poster Information:

Name: Georgina Gilmore AKA Scott

Looking For:

Name: Deborah Scott

Town: Hastings

Reply posted on: 12/12/2005

From Deborah Scott

Born: 0

Town: Ashland

Please send more details and contact information.