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Trying to find father!!!

Hi,Father. This is your daughter Jeaneen. I have benn looking for you for all my life. You have three beautiful grandchildren. Two boys and a girl. We would love to meet you. I have looked all over the world searching for you. I miss you very much and I look just like you. My mother is Delores Murphy Painter from Rome, Georgia where you met at the Holiday Inn when she took your order there were five other men who couldnt speak English, only you could. You got to know each other over a Dean Martin movie. You were a machinist that could speak over seven different languages. You were about 6 ft, 5in tall, 295 lbs. You worked for a company called Singleton and Corbolton. You had a lot of passports. You were married once to a woman named Cathy and you got threw out of a Catholic Church. Will you PLEASE contact meat 423-780-9940.I live in Calhoun Tenessee,37309, at 912 Bowater Rd HWY163,Apt,1. If anyone has any info on him please contact us IMMEDIATELY!

Posted on: 26/02/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Jeaneen Aprile`

Born: 0

Town: Calhoun

Looking For:

Name: Neno Aprile`

Born: 1926

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