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I was born 17.3.1972 as Tracy Jane Packham in Birmingham. My mother Maureen died recently, so I have no blood family now except my three year old son. I would so much like to be in touch with my father again. He is Irish, but has mostly lived in Birmingham, where he was a bus driver. His name is John Neville, mostly known as Jack, and he would today be about 53 years old. Extensive enquiries have been made of the Neville family in Dublin and Birmingham but so far without success.

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Name: Tracy Brierwood

Looking For:

Name: John Neville

Born: 1972

Town: Birmingham

Reply posted on: 18/04/2009

From Joy Muceus

Born: 0

Town: Loma Linda, California

Dear Tracy,

My name is Joy Muceus. Are you having any success locating your father? Your mother, Maureen, was my best friend when we attended Nuneaton High School for Girls in the late 60s. We ate alot of chip butties back then. We ran around together with Jools (Julia)mostly.

I am deeply saddened to know of your mums death; and I am finding it out several years late. It would be an honour to hear from you, if that would be possible.
My email address is

I believe my father took some slides of Maureen and I back in 1968-69.

It would be delightful to know how you are.

Sincerely yours,

Joy L. Muceus

p.s. I am a teacher, Marriage Family Therapist Intern and a Child Life Specialist Intern

Reply posted on: 28/08/2014 00:02:15

From Jackie Neville

Town: auckland

Hi TRacy,

Not sure if you are still contactable on the email address given but wondered if you are still looking for John Neville? I saw the post in 2006 so wasnt sure if that lead was successful but still trying to find my uncle for my dad. We emigrated to New Zealand 5 years ago and have met many Nevilles so it got me curious. If you did make contact with John and he is my relative I would not tell my dad anything until John was ready to. Hope to hear back from you. You can also find me on facebook if easier, I looked for you but could not find you.


Reply posted on: 17/10/2004

From Jacqueline Neville

Born: 1967

My father Mr Brian Neville lost contact with his younger brother John (also known as Shaun) in the early 1970s. He lived with his father (Jack Neville) in Walsall, Birmingham. Dad has been trying to trace his brother for a number of years and much of what you have written seemed to ring bells as there were a lot of coincidences. He last traced his brother back to Aylesbury in the South in the early 90s, you may be looking for the same person! Please get in touch if you feel there may be a family connection

Reply posted on: 29/10/2004

From Tracy Brierwood

Born: 1972

Hi Jacqueline.
My father John/Jack was born about April 1949. Therefore he was 22 when I was born in March 1972. Since childhood (age 3) I have never seen him. I am led to beleive he was from Dublin and that he also had other children.
It sounds as though your fathers younger brother John could indeed fit the description, though it would be easily proven if we we able to compare photographs. Do you have any? I have one from around 1970/71.
When your father traced his John to Aylesbury, what was the outcome?
My husband stumbled across your reply by fluke as I posted my query nearly three years ago!
I hope we can draw positives from our searches.
Fingers crossed.

Tracy (

Reply posted on: 16/01/2006

From john neville

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Town: cape town

Tracy. i cant believe it, i have to be brief but please please e-mail me on my e-mail address.i have something very important to tell you about some property which belongs to you in me with your phone number so i can ring you very much, jack.