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looking for my uncle

i am looking for collin gizzie i dont have very much information on him he is married to a girl by the name of brenda and they have two children michael and ivan or ivor. the last i heard he was in north wales i dont know if he is still there he owned a jewlery store. ivor/ivan was in the milton keynes area i dont know about michael if anyone knows anything i would appreciate it thank you

Posted on: 01/03/2006

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Name: laura ball

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Name: collin gizzie

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Reply posted on: 14/08/2006

From Val Gizzie

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Town: St Asaph

I may be able to help you find Colin but would appreciate it if you could let me know why you are looking for him.


Reply posted on: 16/08/2006

From laura ball

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Town: sarnia

hi val collin is my uncle i have never met him or any of that side of the family i have talked to a few of the gizzies but they dont know where he is either