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seeking any info on inspector Patrick Roe

Hi im seeking and info on my great grand father Patrick ROE born 1850 near Rosenalis Laois in Ireland.He seved from 1869-1872 with the Dublin Metropolitan Police and then moved to to Chester,I have found him and his family at 4 crane bank CHESTER ON the 1891 cencus. Also at chester st. CHESTER ON THE 1881 CENCUS. He showed up on the Chester police role of members as being pensioned in 1890.I an looking for any photo of him or his family. He was 5;9 in height and I beleive he wore a beard , I beleive it was ginger or auburn in colour. He was married to margeret timmins from mount mellic in Co.Laoise in Ireland. Their childrens names were JOHN,ANTHONY,PATRICK,WINFERED,ETC

Posted on: 02/03/2006

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Name: patrick roe

Born: 1850

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