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14 sep 1984 accident in Albias south France at 2 am

We were 8 people in a Citroen 2 CV. We were from different nationalities; the British ones were Kevin driver lost most of his ribs, Roger a broken nose, Audrey Duncun safe a Scottish girl, Jamie an Australian block had a cracked scalp, a Belgium guy with a long brown beard a French girl not sure what are their injuries myself the list of my injury is a bit too long to list here but I had a long sleep!!!!!!!

I was in a coma and had a left heamopligea, the two other Moroccans, Youssef hurt his wrist and I think Ahmed, has broken his hips.
I would be so grateful for any info from these guys; just to find out how they are now.

Very kind regards


Posted on: 10/03/2006

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Name: Audrey Duncun

Born: 1962

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