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I am looking for my father. Any help at all no matter how small will be very helpful. His name was william Baxendale and was in the royal navy in1986. Please help me, If you have any info please call me on 01407 762364 Thankyou From Bills loving daughter Susan xx

Posted on: 01/05/2003 16:02:48

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Name: susan ann lynch

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Name: William Baxendale

Town: Derby

Reply posted on: 24/01/2008

From Jonny Lee

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Town: Basel

Dear Susan,

I, sadly, do not have any information but was wondering whether youre father was also known as Butch in his younger years and grew up in Bolton. If so, he was best friends with my father, Frank Lee, and I have been trying to find him over the past 6 years so that he and my dad may meet up somehow. Have you managed to locate him?