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Marion Head

I am looking for Marion Head. I have never met her but would love to get to know her as she is my grandmother, I have already missed out on nineteen years of our relationship and dont really want to miss out on any more precious time. Im not sure weather Marion has re-married or not so she could be going by a different surname. I heard she lived in westgate-on-sea, but not sure if she still lives there, she also has three children Mark, shaun and Marie (My Mum). I have tried lots of ways to try and find Marion but no luck so far, so if anybody reading this knows Marion or even thinks they do, or even if Marion is reading this pesonally could you please reply to this desperate message.....thank-you.....Kaley Holmes.....

Posted on: 20/03/2006

Poster Information:

Name: kaley holmes

Born: 0

Town: new romney

Looking For:

Name: marion head?

Born: 1942

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