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sally is my only daughter,due to a (very complicated) family rift,we have had no contact for so many years. no grudges or bad feelings,only many regreats that I was not a better mother and had handled things so differently (my problems )did not help,those problems are long gone,but you would not know,so I cannot even try to make amends,which I so desperately want to do,Lets put the past well behind us and give ourselves another chance.You were my only souce of comfort for so many years when things were so bad,you were always yhere to comfort me and help me ,dont forget I was only 16 when I had you,I am now 57! I so much want to see you or even a phone call,01702 549469 (mobie l07976274430).none of our lives have been perfect,cant we forgive and try again. Joseph wants contact with you, hes told me and I heard him asking Daves mum!He has 4 girls now 16 & 14 & girl of 2 and a new baby 3 wks from his 2nd marriage.Hes in Norfolk now living. Please Sally,get in touch,I think of you every day and my door will always be open ,as will my heart,it would make my life compleat to have your love again.Im so sorry for so many things,forgive me,I was thoughless and selfish, I never ment to be,and Ive really paid the price! Its our silver wedding this year and the best presant would be to hear from you. I know you have a little daughter Mae, and a little boy, I dont even know his name.Ihave a small photo of Mae, that Div. gave it to me, its next to your photo.Please get in touch,lifes too short aand enought has been wasted already. love you always mum xx Hope you are well and happy. Leigh On Sea, Essex

Posted on: 03/05/2003 19:29:50

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Name: barbara frances richards (nee Day)

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Name: Sally Jill Day

Town: Leigh-On-Sea

Reply posted on: 12/06/2013 12:27:34

From Selina Tso

Town: London

Hi there,

I work for Wall to Wall Television, the makers of ITV’s ‘Long Lost Family’. We’re making a new BBC One series that may be of interest to you, so I hope you don’t mind me responding to your post.

The series is called The Gift and it will follow the stories of people wanting to track down someone important from their past in order to say sorry or thank you to them. We have a team of search experts, mediators and psychologists who will trace estranged family members or total strangers and support both parties as they meet to say that all important thank you or sorry.

If this seems relevant to you and your search, and you think we might be able to help you, please get in touch for more information.

Tel: 020 7424 7703.

Thank you,

The Gift

Reply posted on: 12/12/2008

From christina madeup surname

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Town: plymouth

although we may be far apart
and still rifts tear and rip our heart,
there will always be somewhere its true
deep in my heart where i love you.
we have one life
dont try in vain
to mend the part
with sorrow and shame
things go wrong
sometimes we can not right
if we got back together
we would only fight.
i will look back and see the cause
some will be mine
some will be yours
but dont be trapped
by those who might
make money by going around
starting the fight.

take care be wise and live your life
try to limit your pain and strife
dont fall into any traps
i am sorry for all of my mishaps
i may not be the one you seek
but there are simularities
and so i speak

i send you love
i send you prayers
wish me luck with mine
i will wish luck
for yours
and theirs

Reply posted on: 05/06/2006

From Jenny Evans

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Town: London

Dear Barbara,

I am developing a new TV series called Lost and Found with a production company called Tiger Aspect.

We are looking for stories similar to your own. The aim is to make six, hour-long observational-documentaries looking at the journey people go on (emotional, psychological, even geographical) to track down someone they feel is a missing link in their lives.

It would be an absolute privilege to follow you on your journey as you look for your Daughter. Do you think it would be something youd be interested in working with us on?

Give me a buzz on 020 7434 6741, or drop me a line at and we can have a proper chat about it.

With very best wishes,