Message Posted By: Paul O`Sullivan

Looking for some years now for Lila Saxby, who had a son on 17th Aug 1969 called Paul. Would very much like to catch up with you...Paul

Poster Information:

Name: Paul O`Sullivan

Looking For:

Name: Lila or Pauline Saxby

Born: 1969

Town: Not Known

Reply posted on: 08/02/2016 02:07:08

From paul osullivan

Town: peachester

Hi Simon, yes its me, ive recently got in contact with Teressa through facebook...been a long time you going? Are you on facebook? Bests Paul

Reply posted on: 14/01/2009

From donna saxby

Born: 0

Town: england

hello paul im your aunt paulines daughter donna ive just got in contact with lila who i havent seen in 7 years and she told my mum that you found each other i know lila had a son called paul and some how you parted but never know much more then that because i was so young i know some how youd get in contact id like to know more about you please reply xx

Reply posted on: 18/01/2009

From paul osullivan

Born: 0

Town: Peachester

Hi Donna, yes this is all rather exciting isnt it. Been in contact with Lila for about a year and a half now, really good to hear I have a cousin. My email address is Would love to know more about you....Best wishes Paul

Reply posted on: 07/02/2016 18:10:09

From simon pelling

Town: tunbridge wells

are you the Paul who liver in pembury rd,tonbridge,Kent,UK, who went on cb radio

Reply posted on: 05/07/2007

From paul osullivan

Born: 0

Town: peachester

Wow blown away, i havent checked this site in some years so was totally gobsmacked to find a reply, i just hope im not too late. please contact me and reverse the charges if you have to. My phone number from the Uk (i immigrated to Australia in 2000) is 00617 5494 9967. dont worry about the time difference just phone!!! I have tried so hard to find you, been searching since 1985 through the post adoption services in Plymouth. I thought I might have found your sister Pauline a few years ago but it was a dead end. My address if you prefer to write is 304 Candle mountain Drive, Crohamhurst, Peachester, Queensland, Australia, 4519
email address is
My adoptive mother is still alive and still living at Crossway in Plympton, my Father died of cancer in 1974, my mum is 81 this year and I hope to return to the uk to see her next year, ill be 38 this year!!!
just to catch you up to speed i will tell you a bit of whats happened. After Dad died I went to boarding school and upon leaving went to art college gaining my degree at Anglia Ruskin university in Cambridge, i met Luella my wife in Folkestone whilst she travelled and we married in 2002. we have two children, Enoch 4 and Judah 2 with one on the way so im sorry to say your well and trully a grandmother.
I was reluctant to contact you just in case you were married and had not told them about me. If this is a problem i will understand, i dont wish to cause you any trouble. Im so happy to have finally found you, please contact me as soon as you can. best wishes Paul

Reply posted on: 24/02/2005

From Lila Blow

Born: 1951

I am Lila who had a son called Paul John Saxby born on 17 August 1969.
Have spent some time looking for Paul. If this is Paul he is extremely welcomed to contact me.