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My half brother??

wanting to know if any1 can help me, iv recently been told that i have a half brother that i didnt even know about it till i turned 18, im 19 now and my dad had a baby which he lost contact with, im looking for the son off Dudley Moore (Danny), i know my half brother is about 24 now, dont know his name or nothing like that and i know its a long shot but any info wud help me out big time!

Posted on: 28/03/2006

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Name: Anthony Moore

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Town: Derby

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Name: ? Moore (may be different now)

Born: 1980

Reply posted on: 04/01/2009

From leah bates

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Town: walsall

can i ask what your dads name is? My partner is 24 an was adopted at a young age his birth mom was sharon moore.