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Searching for alan Neary

I am looking for Alan Neary in Blackpool area. I am Corrine, mother of his daughter Chelsey, we havent seen him for 7 years, as we moved to Spain. Went over in summer last year to look for him, but no sign, would like to hear from anyone who has seen or heard of him

Posted on: 06/04/2006

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Name: corrine correa

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Town: blackpool

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Name: Alan Neary

Born: 1969

Reply posted on: 21/07/2008

From Steve m*****

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Town: Halifax

hello,i used to know an Alan Neary when i lived in B/pool South-Shore, he was stocky,had very short dark hair,and he spoke very slightly through his nose!{like he had clogged nasals} if this sounds like him ,let me know and i will contact old friends in B/Pool who may know of him,then get an update.all the best Steve. P.S. did he used to play footy and have a beer with mates on the grass next to Lucky-Star amusement arcade on the prom?