Message Posted By: Angela Cox

Dienst, Nancy

Looking for my penfriend, Nancy Dienst. Last known address was Amsterdam (Netherlands) about 8 yrs ago. Lost her address and assume she moved long ago. Her parents lived in Den Helder, Holland and her younger sister was called Patricia. Would like to find her and catch up.

Posted on: 10/04/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Angela Cox

Born: 0

Town: Crewe

Looking For:

Name: Nancy Dienst

Born: 1974

Reply posted on: 02/01/2007

From Patricia Dienst

Born: 0

Town: Alkmaar

Hi Angela,

When you read this message, Nancy has tried to reply on your first message. Please send her a message on

Reply posted on: 02/01/2007

From Nancy Dienst

Born: 0

Town: Hoofddorp

Dear Angela,

I have seen your earlier message and was very suprised. I took many efforts to get in contact again, buth all failed. So I hope you read this soon to get in contact again.

Reply posted on: 14/03/2007

From Nancy Dienst

Born: 0

Town: hoofddorp

Hi Angela,
How can I contact you?

Reply posted on: 18/04/2007

From Angela Cox

Born: 0


Hello at last!! How are you? Is it really you? I have moved many times over the years, and thought I would never trace you, but would love to hear from you and catch up. Patricia, Hi! I have sent an email to Nancy. In case it doesnt arrive, please reply to me at I have only just received the message today (17th April 2007)

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