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Searching for Margaret June Allen (formerly Ruddick)

I am looking for a Margaret June Allen or anyone who knows her. Born 3 April 1931 in Staines, mothers maiden name was Porter. She married William Allen in 1950 in Feltham and had a son Trevor in 1952. I am trying to trace anyone who knows her or any member of her family. I am the wife of the son she put up for adoption in 1965 and he desperately would like to atleast find out something about her and the background to his coming into the world. He wont push as he is not that way but we have a son now and my husband would just like to find out a little of his past before its too late.
Any help you can give us is very much appreciated.

Posted on: 13/04/2006

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Name: Joseph Lee

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Town: Essex

Looking For:

Name: Margaret Allen (formerly Ruddick)

Born: 1931

Reply posted on: 28/08/2006

From Tim Collins

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Town: Manchester

Dear Joseph

I hope you dont mind me contacting you and hopefully by the time you read this you will have already found your loved one. If, however you havent I hope I may be able to offer some free help.

Im currently looking for people who are missing family members to take part in a new BBC programme. In this programme we are using professional searchers to help find and renunite the lost family members. If you think we may be able to help you please call me as soon as possible ( the earlier you contact me the more likely we will be able to help and quicker we may be able to find your lost relative)

You can either email me at or call me directly on 0161 235 6565.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tim Collins
Freeform Productions

Reply posted on: 08/03/2007

From samantha poole

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Town: staines

Hi Joseph,
My name is samantha, im the fiance of a family member and recieved an email from a friend of mine who came across your message on by accident.
I would like to inform you that yes you do have family still living in staines!! for further infoirmation please contact myself via email.

Reply posted on: 08/03/2007

From Joseph Lee

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Town: Chelmsford

I am very keen to find any information relating to Mrs Margaret June Allen (formerly Ruddick) so could you please e mail direct to: to discuss
Thank you so much for your assistance