Message Posted By: Olga Kohler

Geraldine Kohler nee Naylor fom Olga

Geraldine, George Kohler died in 2004, Olga is now in her 50s and would very much like to meet with you, she has never forgotten you. Please make contact if you are able to, if a relative of Gerry reads this than do please contact me or her, thank you.

Posted on: 23/04/2006

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Name: Olga Kohler

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Looking For:

Name: Geraldine Kohler

Born: 1931

Reply posted on: 26/12/2008

From James Paul

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Town: romford

I know the person you are searching for. But before I can give you any of the contact. you have to send me the person picture and your ful information. if yu have any other thing to ask more about it. reply me on contact me on phone cos i am in UK right now. and the person is also with me right in UK now. here is my phone number: +44-702-4091-944 . Thanks

Reply posted on: 27/12/2008

From olga kohler

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Town: saltash

I dont have any pictures but I can give you the name of a friend of Gerrys. Jo Fulton, can you give me the names of their spouse and child.