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I am looking for any information on the whereabouts of my cousin Gareth Hopkins. He was last heard of in Norwich where he graduated from UEA and taught for a time at the Blyth Jex School.

Posted on: 06/05/2006

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Name: Yasmin King

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Town: Scarborough

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Name: Gareth Hopkins

Born: 1973

Reply posted on: 24/07/2006

From Rachel Duffield

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Town: Beckenham, Kent

Yasmin, I do not have any information about Gareth. But I often wonder about him so typed his name into Google. It was a bit upsetting to find your missing person message. Gareth was a very good friend at UEA. I hope and pray he is on a beach somewhere enjoying a quiet life. He was very popular in Norwich.

A couple of years ago I asked the UEA Alumni Officer to forward a letter from me to a forwarding address they had for one of his parents. As a cousin I presume you are in touch with his parents? I know they were split up but I believe they were in touch with each other. Gareth cared a lot for his Mother - a nurse I believe and his father was a hypnotherapist. Will you let me know if any news. My email address is
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All the best.
Rachel Duffield