Message Posted By: Ricky Moore

Looking for my brother

I am looking for my brother who was put up for adoption by Ricky K Moore and Kimberly Crim about 1983/84 in Springfield IL. I was told your birthname was Dean Crim and you were adopted by a family with the last name of Evans also from Springfield. You also have a adopted brother that came from the same side of your birthmothers family. My father is Ricky K Moore and you are my younger half brother. You were born shortly after me. I have your birth picure and you look just like me. I was told you were in the service located in TX or MO. I have spent years trying to find out where you are. This is all the information that my father has told me. It has been a long search. If you are out there please contact me as soon as possible.

Posted on: 09/05/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Ricky Moore

Born: 0

Town: Springfield

Looking For:

Name: Randy Evans

Born: 83

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