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Seeking birth-mother/family

I was born probably on 4th December 1956 in Liverpool (I think) to a mother who was then living in Coldtart Road. Shortly after I was born she disappeared and I was adopted by Joseph and Doris Morton, her landlords. I recall the name Hallum or maybe Hallam (not sure about that) and that she would have been about eighteen years old. I can guess her reasons for leaving me there had a lot to do with my adopted mother being a mid-wife and unwed mothers had a hard time in those days. I also heard something about my father being in the US air-force, possibly a pilot. If this sounds a familiar story please email me, just would like to find out if I have any family somewhere.

Posted on: 21/05/2006

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Name: Alan Morton

Born: 0

Town: Honiton

Looking For:

Name: Birthmother Hallum?

Born: 1946

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