Message Posted By: Doreen Murphy

Searching for my Grandson

Hi, I am looking to find my grandson Simon/Peter whom I last seen when he was 5 years old, he was born in May 1989 in Leeds, I went over for his birth to give his Mum Bernadette (Savage) a hand out. He used to visit me quite regularly in my home in Ieland, my son- his Father, and his mother Bernadette divorced bitterly and I was left without any contact with Simon not a day goes by that I dont think of him, if anyone out there knows where he is and has contact with him perhaps they would pass on this message to him. The last I heard was he may have moved to Wakefield, I want him to know he has a large family here in Ieland waiting to hear from him.

Posted on: 24/05/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Doreen Murphy

Born: 0

Town: Arklow.Co.Wicklow

Looking For:

Name: simon/Peter Murphy/Savage

Born: 1989

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