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Rebecca Harris (Born - Ipswich 1963-65)

My name is Graham Harris.

My Father is Geoffrey Harris.

Bobby (Roberta) Derby is Rebeccas mother, Geoffrey is the father. Geoff worked in the Ipswich area around 1963-64.

Bobby was from Woodbridge, and I believe later married a man called English.

I am aware that Rebecca has recently attempted to contact Geoff using an agency. A letter arrived which frightened my father who destroyed it. He later realised that he had done the wrong thing.

I have been asked to attempt to contact Rebecca who is my Sister whom I have never met, nor even knew existed until yesterday 28/5/06.

Please get in touch.


01452 332687

Posted on: 28/05/2006

Poster Information:

Name: Graham Harris

Born: 0

Town: Gloucester

Looking For:

Name: Rebecca Harris

Born: 1965

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