Message Posted By: Jane Howes

I was born on 22nd January, 1950 in Kingston Hospital, and adopted from Dr. Barnardo’s shortly afterwards. My mother’s name at time was Gillian Burrell, and I would mean so much to me to find her.

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Name: Jane Howes

Looking For:

Name: Gillian Burrell

Born: 1950

Town: Kingston

Reply posted on: 13/11/2006


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Hi Jane, I saw your posting and thought I`d help you out, I`ve found your birth mother, a brother and also a sister, both married with children, I dont do these searches for money, purely for the satisfaction of helping adoptee`s as I was one myself and know what its like not knowing where one comes from etc, either e-mail me or phone me on 07789 640240 and then I can give you the details, if you`ve already found her then sorry to have bothered you, but its difficult to know when the messages are posted on here, best wishes Fiona( known as Mary)

Reply posted on: 29/11/2006

From christine whitley

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Town: nr horley

hi I believe you are looking for my mother gillian burrell married name gumbrell i would like to get intouch with you on behalf of my mother i have told her you would like to find her and she would love to see you ,you can phone me on 01293862433 and we can talk.christine